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Nickel alloys  are used for high-temperature and highly corrosive media. Such conditions are typical for power generation industry, chemical ,petrochemical industry, aerospace engineering.Advanced nickel-based high strength alloys traditionally have nickel and chromium as their foundation, with elements such as molybdenum, tungsten and cobalt added to confer additional solid solution strengthening. Where high temperature strength is critical, additions of aluminum, titanium and niobium, resulting in precipitation hardening , must be added.


Inconel-Standard Available:ASME SB167; SB423;SB407; SB444        Monel-Standard Available:ASME SB165

Hastelloy- Standard Available:ASME SB626;SB622                                Pure Nickel-Standard Available:ASME SB161;SB163  

Material Grade:                                                                                

Ø Inconel/Monel Nickel Alloys        Ø Pure Nickel/Hastelloy Alloys

ØUNS N06600/N06601

ØUNS N06625      

ØUNS N08800/N08810        

ØUNS N08825

ØUNS N04400


ØUNS N10276(C276)

ØUNS N06022(C22)

ØUNS N06455(C4) 

ØUNS N02200


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