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Martensitc&Ferritic Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube
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Pure Nickel&Nickel Alloy Pipe/Tube
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Finned &Corrugated Pipe/Tube
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Finned Pipe and tubes

Fin Type :Extruded  fin tube, Embedded/G   fin tube, L/LL/KL fin tube,Low fin tube, HF ERW spiral fin tube,

DC ERW H/HH fin tube,DC ERW stud pipe, Spiral slot tube, Corrugated tube etc.


Low fin Tube

DC ERW H fin Tube  

L/LL/KL fin Tube  

HF ERW Spiral fin Tube  


Extruded fin Tube

 Embedded/G fin Tube

Spiral Slot fin Tube  

Corrugated Tube 


Main Material Experience

  ØBase Tube Material:SA179,SA106,SA192,SA201-A1, TP304/304L,TP316/316L,TP321,TP347H,T11etc.

  ØFin Material:TP410,TP304/304L,TP316/316L,TP321etc.Other grade can also be provided after consulting with customers.

Test and Inspections: Chemical composition analyzer, Mechanical property test, Fin-tube bond inspection, Hydraulic test, Pneumatic test, Coating thickness inspection, Microscope inspection, Micro-hardness inspection, HAZ inspection.
Application :

power plant, Air cooler for NGS, refinery, petrochemical, air-heating, and other heat exchangers, High/Low temperature economizer etc.

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